For those of us who can’t even fathom own a pair of Yeezy’s or an Apple Watch to match your latest iPhone upgrade (what are there like 8 now?) this video will do one of three things. Perhaps, you will scratch your head and simply wonder why? Or maybe, you won’t give a rat’s tail about the detrimental loss of these top-of-the-line material things…

Or Perhaps, You Will Become Enraged At The Sight Of Such Distaste

Because…seriously, how could they melt a GOLD APPLE WATCH?!


Or Maybe, You Will Feel Inspired To Join In On The Fun…

And wreak havoc upon your office electronics, like this wild panda bear set free to roam in foreign cubicles…Source
Whatever feeling it may or may not insight, this video is bound to get under skin for one reason or another. Be it waste, jealously or just pure wonder as to why such a compilation exists…it’s worth it.

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