Now that the 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo – better known as E3 – is wrapped up there are still some questions left out there. A lot of convention-goers were wondering where Rocksteady was this year after rumors circulated online that the makers of the Batman Arkham titles would be unveiling a Man of Steel version this year. They didn’t. Rocksteady’s co-founder and Director of Games, Sefton Hill, made a rare appearance on Twitter because the developer had received that many queries aboutfall their E3 absence.

There are also those people who are still disappointed that Ubisoft still hasn’t announced a new Splinter Cell title and that Bethesda announced a new Elder Scrolls VI but not a release date. We have the answers, which we’ll break down for you here, so you don’t have to search all over the Internet to find them…

Bethesda’s Todd Howard told GameSpot that he knows when the release date will be but it would be “foolish” for the developer to announce it because Elder Scrolls VI is currently in a “concept and design phase.” Howard said that he doesn’t think that current generation consoles have the capability of supporting Elder Scrolls VI, which likely means it’s going to be huge. With the next gen XBox due out in two years and the PS5 in three, it’s a safe assumption that ES6 will drop after they do.

As far as Splinter Cell goes, people were pretty amped that this would be the year Sam Fisher will be back in silent action after the protagonist was featured in a free and limited-time update for Ghost Recon Wildlands earlier this year. Ubisoft President and CEO Yves Guillemot “confirmed that Ubisoft does plan to return to the franchise, though he wasn’t able to say anything about it at the show,” according to GameRant.

Ubisoft had a great E3 despite the absence of Sam Fisher and announced a new Assassin’s Creed due out later this year (we’ll get to that on the next page) as well as Starlink, Skull and Bones, and The Division 2 among their most popular announcements.

So when is everything announced at E3 being released? Head to Page 2 to find out the dates!