When you plan a trip overseas, you think of all the excitement of eating their native cuisine, taking in the local sights, shopping at boutiques to bring back that special reminder of your trip. It doesn’t include your trip ending in tragedy but that’s unfortunately what happened to a group of British tourists over the weekend.

A terrible helicopter crash took the lives of three people and injured several others as they were touring the Grand Canyon Saturday, Feb. 10.

The group of tourists left from Las Vegas to see one of the most spectacular sights the United States has to offer when their helicopter went down over the Natural Wonder.

Sadly, Jason and Stuart Hill, and Stuart’s girlfriend Becky Dobson all perished in the crash. Three other tourists along with the Eurocopter EC130 pilot were critically injured.

To make matters worse, the four survivors had to wait nine painful hours to be rescued and airlifted to University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, where all four remain in critical condition according to a hospital spokesperson.

Rough terrain, high winds, and the location of the crash in the Quartermaster Canyon – a canyon within the Canyon – made rescue efforts difficult.

However, that didn’t stop onlookers from trying to help the first responders that arrived 30 minutes after the crash.

One of the people trying to assist the crash victims was 19-year-old Conrad Fish who was also part of the group, although he was on a different helicopter described what he saw:

“They were all in a very bad way – they had open wounds all over their bodies, and their clothes were completely torn off.  Adrenaline kicked in and all I did was help carry equipment down and help the fire brigade down. The real heroes were the doctors that kept the survivors alive.”

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