For a while, it was all anyone could talk about. The boy wizard. His school of magic. The destiny he faced against he who shall not be named. All of it came together in a billion dollar industry guided by author J.K. Rowling and her famous creation Harry Potter. From books to mass merchandising, the kid and the one who conceived him have left a lasting impact on our culture.

There Are Amusement Parks Based On His Adventures


So it makes sense when something like this comes along. It’s not just a neat little memento of the entire Hogwarts experience. It’s also a reminder that we live in technologically advanced times, and in some instances. the real magic comes from the maker of clever gadgets like this – the Harry Potter Wand Remote Control.

And Interactive Rides As Well


Yes, you read that right. Someone has taken the wizard’s essential tool and turned it into a way to control almost any electronic device. iPod? Yep. TV? Sure. Video game console? Absolutely. In fact, there seems to be no end to the possibilities when it comes to this thing. There’s a video included which showcases its versatility – and all you have to do is master the various “moves.”

Now, You Can Rule The Remote Like Harry Potter Would


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