Medicine has become a modern day miracle. Sure, science and technology play a huge role in how a patient circa 2017 is treated, but it’s also a combination of steps, leaps and bounds, innovations and failures, that have brought us to the point where formerly fatal condition can be treated, or even cured. What may have lead to amputation 10 or 15 years ago now has a novel approach to healing, to the point where limbs – and lives – are saved.

He Almost Lost His Hand



For this worker in Brazil, a freak industrial accident has turned into another astonishing biological breakthrough. While working, his hand became caught in a machine that systematically tore off his skin, muscles, nerves and some bone. Also, two of his fingers were destroyed. Normally, the procedure would be to remove the mutilated body part and prepare to a prosthetic. But that didn’t happen here.

Until Doctors Did This



No, something far more amazing happened. Doctors realized that, by sewing the man’s hand into the fleshy part of his abdomen, a new layer of flesh could have a chance to grow over it. While not a 100% hand, it would be a start – something better than a fake plastic one, or whatever the alternative would be. So with his hand ensconced in his belly for weeks, he had to wait and see what resulted. Everyone was shocked by the result.

And Now He’s On The Road To Recovery



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