Someone once said that you can’t make sense of fashion. One day, the look is conservative and clean, the next, everyone is wearing old Army boots on their heads. Designers respond to their own creative muse, hoping the hip will get their daring ideas. Granted, most couture doesn’t make it past the Paris (or Milan, or New York) runway, but like the whole “concept car” ideal, these experiments in style are meant to signal a sea change in the biz.

There Are Some Bad Swimsuits Out There


So what are we to make of this new trend in swimsuits known as the full hairy male torso look. That’s right, someone has decided to deck out the ladies lounging by the pool or sunning on the beach in a full flesh colored one piece, complete with a regular Joe’s chest and stomach. Guy nips are on full display, though, luckily, the crotch area is just a smattering of treasure trail hair.

Just So Very, Very Wrong


Considering that when a woman wears this, she looks like some kind of genetic freak (though she does get a chance to let her dude nipple freak flag fly) and when you combine that with the hair effect, it’s sideshow carnival barking time. If you want one, it will cost you $45 bucks. On the plus side, you can have your choice of skin tone, the better to match your own on those days when you want to look like a eunuch.

And Lets Not Even Talk About This One


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