In his Reddit post, IncrediblyShinyShart explained how it went down:

So my friends and I always had this joke, If you could try human flesh in an ethical and health [sic] way, would you. And we always said of course. Well the opportunity came up and I called them on it. I called folks who might be amenable. It was only about 2-3 oz that I took off the leg so it couldn’t be a big group Plus only people I knew very well.

I had one person back out, and it’s totally understandable. I think there was a lot of “wait really” Kinda hoping that I’m joking But it was all happy people who showed up that day Lots of dark jokes. There were some people very dear to me there, who supported me through that time and who’s [sic] friendship I will cherish.

No trickery here. He’s completely transparent about what he’s serving for brunch. He continued that it was technically the meat of his leg they were about to eat:

10 of my friends joined in for a brunch. Only the foot was damaged, but with below the knee amputations the want to do it higher up so there is a balance between having enough stump to make for a good lever and having enough room beneath for prosthetic equipment. If they amputated low it would make it difficult to put good hardware underneath.

Shiny said that one person spit him out onto a napkin, but all in all, the meal was fine and better than a hot dog:

On this scale I would give it a solid 6.5, but keep in mind that I have had a lot of good food. So it’s way better that a hot dog or regular burger. Maybe equal with regular bacon, which is pretty decent. But no where near as good as butter seared sea scallops or a rare sous vide tenderloin seared in grape seed oil in a cast iron pan.

He did reiterate it was a clean part of his leg that was made into tacos and that everyone is cool with the whole thing:

It was from a healthy part of the amputation, I’m a healthy person, waste not want not, and they [my friends] all consented. As far as I know they are all still cool with it. Its [sic] a fun weird thing.

He definitely has the “weird” part right. If for some reason you want to ruin your day and see all the gruesome photos, be our guest – you can find them HERE. But we have to warn you, they’re not for the faint of heart.

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