Every once in a while a story comes along that you have to watch or read more than once to be able to grasp what is actually going on. This is probably one of them. Before we continue, we are letting you know now that we aren’t posting any of the truly gruesome sights that accompany the story. We’ll give you the option later on as to whether or not you want to take a look-see. We will show you what we can and share this guy’s story because it’s so unbelievable it can only be true.

The story takes place a couple of years ago which is why the guy is sharing it now. IncrediblyShinyShart explained on Reddit (where else?) that he was involved in an accident in which his foot was completely mangled. He shared some photos – the ones we aren’t – along with his X-ray – which we are (see above).

His foot was beyond repair so he had it amputated. When the surgery was over, he asked to keep it and after some documentation, he was allowed to take it home. In a phone interview with Vice, he says his initial intention was to have it taxidermied or freeze-dried. But that’s not actually what he wound up doing with his amputated foot. He decided to serve it to a bunch of his friends as a foot taco.

Before we continue, Utah is the only state with a law against cannibalism. The U.S. doesn’t have a federal law on the books against eating human meat. However, laws against murder, buying and selling human meat, and corpse desecration “makes cannibalism difficult but technically legal in the other 49 states.” So although it’s not illegal, except in Utah, the practice of eating human does raise a ton of ethical questions. In this case, Shiny wasn’t just legal but possibly ethical because he did document the entire process and was forthcoming with his dinner guests as to what kind of taco they were about to consume.

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