For some, the summer months mean a break from classes, for others, it means family vacations, beaches, and pools. For hundreds of thousands of people across the country, summer means festivals. 2018 boasts dozens of festivals across the U.S. from the Sasquatch Festival over Memorial Day weekend to Lollapalooza in August. The biggest names, local acts, and up-and-comers are all slated to be somewhere this summer, giving fans a chance to experience a long, tiring, and fun music experience.

Music festivals have become big money in recent years with everyone cashing in from not only tickets sales but merchandise and concessions. Big box retailers also feel a boom in the summer with the sales of tents, coolers, and anything else one needs to enjoy a weekend of music and sometimes debauchery. But hot dog water? Surely, no one would buy that. But people did!

One guy at the Car Free Day Festival in Vancouver came up with a way to cash in on hydration, the health food craze, and processed meat. He sold hot dog water for $38 CAN a bottle which works out to be around $30 US. Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, he claims he sold 15 gallons of it last weekend all in the name of “art.”

The guy’s name is Douglas Bevans and he’s a performance artist who boiled 100 organic beef hot dogs and stuck them, along with the water, in what looks like recycled Voss bottles. Bevans claimed that he was the CEO of Hot Dog Water and drinking his “Keto compatible” concoction could increase brain function and help with weight loss.

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