There was a time not that long ago when people would make posters and hang them up around their neighborhood when they needed something. If you were selling a car, renting a house, or found a lost puppy, you would create an 8-1/2 x 11- inch poster, take it to the copiers, then post them around town. Nowadays, people just use Facebook, Craigslist or another online community to accomplish the same thing. But back in the day, walking into a laundromat and perusing the bulletin board, discovering all the services the townsfolk had to offer was how you hired a babysitter or sold your coffee table.

Online entertainer Alan Wagner decided to take the obsolete poster and give it a little bit of a facelift. He started creating incredibly weird and unusual posters then attaching them to telephone poles and light posts. Afterward, he’d snap a photo of it as if he happened upon it walking down the street. It wasn’t long until people started noticing Alan and his strange posters.

I knew I wasn’t sassy enough to make traditional memes. So I came up with the idea to make absurd stuff […] and act as though I just found it on the street.” Alan said. “They’re inspired by anything I see or anything I might be thinking about.

Alan posts the images to his Instagram and Facebook pages and is garnering quite a following. Once you start reading these, you’ll see why. Check out 20 of Alan’s bizarre poster creations…

1. “Sorry”

I mean, would you give back an awesome horse if you found one? You snooze, you lose, pal.

2. Those Eyes Tho…

One of the funniest parts about all of these posters is the “fine print” or call to action lines.

3. This Bird Is A Hot Mess

So, how many people do you think saw this and tried to contact the woman to tell her it was just a pigeon?

4. How About A Smart Car?

There’s a lot of sickos out there. We don’t advise you to announce you “do nudes” (even as a joke) unless you’re ready for the plethora of creepiness that’s about to inundate your life.

5. Definitely LOL Worthy

It’s more than likely that Alan is also acting as “Carl Donaldson” here, but how great would it be if a total stranger totally trolled him right back?


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