In April 2015, Jost Kobusch was at an Everest base camp, when a Nepal earthquake triggered an avalanche. Jost was filming the camp when he suddenly says, “The ground is shaking.” Nervous laughter can be heard until Jost pans his camera toward the mountain and a wall of snow is quickly moving toward the unsuspecting climbers. Jost yells, “Go! Go!” and the rest of the camp begin scurrying for cover. Within seconds, the snow wall has engulfed the camp.

The force of the snow pushes the climbers into the ground and they lose their breath. Just as suddenly as the avalanche hits, it passes over them and continues down the mountain. For nearly a minute, Jost and his friends stay huddled together taking cover, making sure they don’t get hit by another wave of snow. Jost kept the camera rolling through the entire eye-opening experience.

NSFW WARNING: Watch Jost Kobusch’s Footage Below:

Scary! Thankfully, everyone was okay.

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