Some get into it solely for the music. Others are looking for the fame, fortune, and “fundamentals” (read: groupies and recreational pharmaceuticals) that comes with being a rock star. Indeed, musicians have a well-earned reputation for being party animals who don’t care what the world thinks, they just want to get up and play. They want to “play” off-stage as well, and none were more notorious in their backdoor shenanigans than the original Guns N’ Roses.

From the wild man antics of lead singer Axl Rose to the altered consciousness chaos caused by Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan and Steven Adler, they matched other infamous acts like The Who and Led Zeppelin debauchery for debauchery. Here are 10 time the group proved as unpredictable and antisocial as their reputation dictated. They did much worse, but we are trying to keep things PG-13, you know? Enjoy

Izzy Stradlin Was Arrested For Urinating On A Plane


During one memorable flight, the rhythm guitarist and songwriter had imbibed a bit, and needed to relieve himself. Naturally, all the restrooms on the plane were “occupied,” so Stradlin made due. He lit up a cigarette (no-no #1) and then peed in a trash can (no-no #2). He was met by police when the aircraft landed.

Axl Rose Slept With His Bandmate’s Girlfriend And Recorded It For A Track


Drummer Steve Adler was dating a 19-year-old named Adriana Smith when the band recorded the song “Rocket Queen.” She had been cheating on him, and when she decided to bed the group’s notorious lead singer, they recorded the act, and then added it to the final mix.

Slash Brought A Mountain Lion To A Hotel


Once hitting it big, the lead guitarist for GnR started collecting exotic pets. He had a bunch of iguanas and lizards, and even owned a mountain lion he called Curtis. When he had to relocate after an earthquake, he moved to a hotel, and his “kitty” came with him.

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