It’s possible that people’s fascination with popping things is one of the reasons that a video of a guy squeezing a huge splinter out of the palm of his hand has been viewed more than 5.7 million times. The man who published the video, Jesse Trumm posted: “Working a couple weeks ago with [a] machete when I swung down on a broken oak branch and deeply punctured my palm.”

Instead of calling a doctor or having a friend of his grab the tweezers and hook him up, he decided to squeeze the massive splinter out himself. As you can imagine, he said that removing the splinter fragment was “excruciating.” He added that there was still more in there, which makes this whole situation sound even more painful. Can you imagine squeezing a splinter out of your hand to find out you left a chunk in your palm?

It’s not just painful to watch, it’s pretty gross, especially around the 0:52 mark when it comes shooting out, so if you’re the queasy type, you may want to take a pass on watching it below…

Watch The Disgusting Footage Below:

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