There’s a lot of weird stuff out there on the world wide web that some people just can’t get enough of. Case in point? Zit popping. Watching a person pop their own zit or in some cases have someone else do it is so popular that Dr. Sandra Lee, a dermatologist from California, who also goes by “Dr. Pimple Popper” has more than 3.8 million YouTube subscribers.

These people show up to her channel to watch other people’s zits, cysts, and growths get squeezed, cut open, and extracted by needles. If it sounds gross to you, trust us, you’re not alone. However, for millions, it’s very satisfying to watch it pop and the puss to ooze out.

If you’re wondering why someone would find these videos gratifying, Dr. Lee may have your answer, although she claims she ultimately doesn’t understand it. Dr. Pimple Popper explained: “I happened upon this fascinating phenomenon. I didn’t know people enjoyed watching these videos and relaxed to them.”

She continued: “People watch them before they go to sleep, watch if they panic or have an anxiety disorder. They feel very cleansing.” Dr. Lee went as far as to say that her pimple-popping videos have even replaced sleeping pills for sufferers of dermatillomania, AKA skin picking disorder.

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