He grew up an orphan and served as a baker’s apprentice. After confronting Arya Stark and eventually accompanying her on the road to The Wall, he left. He ended up – you guessed it – working in the kitchen of a village inn. While he may not have been an important part of the Game of Thrones mythology, fans still find Hot Pie, aka actor Ben Hawkey, intriguing. He’s appeared in Seasons One, Two, Three, Four, and Seven and is now making headlines for something he is doing outside of the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos.

He Made A Mark On Game Of Thrones


Indeed, just as the latest season of the hit HBO series was premiering across the world, Hawkey announced his latest venture – a baking business called You Know Nothing John Dough (clever, right?). Operating as part of something called Deliveroo (a food delivery service for various parts of the planet), Hawkey will be offering eager fans a chance to sample something he gave Ayra – an animal shaped loaf of bread known as “Direwolf bread.”

Especially For This Tasty Looking Treat


Only available for a limited time, the tasty looking treats are said to be made of a whole wheat cornbread (?) and a bit of orange zest for flavor. Serving suggestions include eating the item warm with a bit of butter. Sounds delish. And the cost? Well, as they are currently only available in places like the UK, we are dealing with pounds. In US currency, they are about $1.31.

Now ‘Hot Pie’ Will Sell You A Loaf Of Direwolf Bread Of Your Very Own


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