We hear the word a lot these days, bandied about by politicians and pundits as if they have a new or novel way of dealing with it. As it continues to crumble, as principalities and local governments try to deal with the descent into chaos, it’s remains a tense talking point. What to do about our dying infrastructure, from potholes and other road issues to bridges barely capable of handling the daily load of cars and commuters, we are living on borrowed time, and there’s nary an answer to the problem in sight.

Actually, that’s not all together true. Someone in Bulgaria has figure out a way to make the broken and the bent both aesthetically and artistically viable – and the answer was easy. Googly eyes. You know what we mean…those cartoon accessories which make your crafts look goofy just be existing. All around the area, someone named Vanyu Krastev has been adding these objects to cracks, crevices, and holes, and the results are ridiculously good. The gallery below features several of the best examples. Take a look.

Cracking A Smile


Or a frown, actually.



A cry from the city streets.

Someone Is Nauseous


Just a little drool for now.

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