The latest update changed the way the interfaced worked with the app split into two sections. The left side of the screen is now for friend content and the right has media content. In the middle, the camera screen remained.

Sounds simple enough, right? Not according to many users who claim that it’s confusing and caused them to lose their streaks.


What are you thinking, Snapchat?! You can’t mess with streaks!

If you’re not a Snapchatter, a streak is when users send snaps to each other consecutively for at least three days.  Once a streak is started a little flame appears next to the contact’s name with a counter that tells you how long you’ve had the streak for.

But a savvy Snapchatter has the problem solved. You just need to set the app back to its original format by following these steps:

  1. Delete the app
  2. Settings > iTunes and App Store > turn off automatic updates
  3. Re-download Snapchat
  4. Type in email then hit “forgot password”
  5. Choose to reset via phone, get code sent to you, type it in, change password
  6. Log in and you’ll be back to the old version

Unfortunately, there are a couple caveats to this.

If you go back to the old version and force-quit the app, when you re-open it the new version will be on your phone. You can get around this by not force-quitting Snapchat.

Snapchat is warning users that if you reinstall the app, you risk losing your memories so if you insist on going back to the pre-update, backup all your photos and videos on your phone.

Good luck!

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