Obviously, having a fake ID is illegal but hasn’t stopped teenagers and 20-year-olds from using them for decades. As it usually happens, once you actually do turn 21 and are proud to show your legal ID, you never get carded. It’s just one of life’s little jokes. We can’t reiterate enough, having a fake ID is not okay. If you aren’t of drinking age (whatever that is in your state) you shouldn’t be drinking. It’s that simple.

However, one bartender is sharing a recent fake ID story which propelled others across Twitter to jump in with their own. All of these stories are just another reason why having one is a bad idea; you never know whose ID you actually have.

Kleo McHugh is a 22-year-old student at the University of Alabama who is originally from New York. While tending bar one night, a group of girls walked in. Kleo immediately thought they looked a little young and carded them. The one girl hands her a driver’s license that was clearly not hers. In fact, it was actually a friend of Kleo’s.

“I laughed and said, ‘Nice fake, I know Jess,’ and handed it back,” she said. That alone is a pretty good story but it actually gets better when the next girl handed Kleo a New York license. It was formatted vertically, denoting the person who owns it is underage and was cracked in half. But above all, the photo and info were eerily familiar to Kleo, because it was her own driver’s license which she lost two years prior. She said that the entire group was stunned and confused but she found it hilarious and posted the story on Twitter.

Like every good 280-character story, the Twitterverse got a hold of it and ran with it, sharing their own hilarious (but still illegal!) fake ID stories.

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