According to NTD, “Items included a German Reichsmark—which was a form of currency used between 1924 and 1948—and a card that identified a member of the Nazi party, an indication that the box may have belonged to a soldier on the German side.”

Even after years of being stuck in a box buried in the dirt, all of the items found inside were surprisingly clean and well-kept.

The content strongly suggest that the box once belonged to a German soldier. However, the uniform was in such good condition that the archaeologists believe that it may have never been worn.

Apparently, this soldier had a thing for Jamaican rum judging by the two full bottles that were found inside of the box.

An entire box of Karel 1 cigars was also found among the contents of the box.

The cards found in the box show that the person who owned the box was a member of the Nazi party.

After this discovery archaeologists were left to wonder how and why the box was buried below the earth. Did the owner intend to come back for it at some point? If so, what happened to him. Just like with many other mysteries, answering one question only leads to many more.

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