For decades now, George Clooney has been considered one of the coolest guys in Hollywood. Not only is he good looking and talented, but there’s just something about Clooney that people can’t seem to resist. Perhaps it’s the fact that he’s always had this ‘good guy’ quality that makes him seem relatable – even though he’s worth more money than most of us will ever see in our lives.

Well, it looks like this good guy image that Clooney has maintained isn’t a facade. Apparently, behind closed doors, George Clooney is just as great a person as he seems.

According to Clooney’s friends, he’s not only a good friend, but a very generous one. Back in 2013, he gave 14 of his good friends a gift that none of them will ever forget.

During a dinner at his home with a group of 14 friends he calls ‘the boys’ Clooney gave each one of them a black suitcase and told them to open it. Once they saw what was inside, none of them could believe their eyes.

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