Saying someone may be “psycho” or “crazy” because they commit a heinous act is a bit of a sticky situation. Obviously, unless you’re a trained psychologist, throwing around mental illness diagnosis is not a good look. That’s not saying that normal, everyday people can’t snap and do psychotic or crazy things because it happens all the time. Hence, why the “temporary insanity” defense works in the criminal justice system.

At the same time, an insanity plea shouldn’t always give someone a pass just because the defense team thinks it’s convenient. Like we said, it’s a sticky situation, and should be judged on a case-by-case basis.

However, there are times that you really just have to wonder about people. You know that someone 100-percent competent wouldn’t commit some of the acts that some people do. Are they psycho, evil, or just have a momentary lapse in judgment? As much as we shouldn’t judge people, it’s human nature to do so. The young man you’re about to meet is a good example of this.

Siale Angilau was a 25-year-old member of the Tongan Crips. He was the last of 17 of his gang brothers scheduled to stand trial in 2014 for assault, conspiracy, robbery, and weapons charges brought on by a 12020 indictment.

Previous defendants received sentences of 10 to 30 years in prison so Angilau and his attorney knew what kind of time he was facing.

It was apparently a little too much for Angilau to handle because he snapped in court and tried to stab a witness who was testifying on the stand with a pen. Angilau was shot to death by officers as he attempted the attack.

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