It’s not easy finding that certain someone. Maybe not Mr. or Mrs. Right, but definitely more than Mr. Or Mrs. Right Now. Between the way social media has circumvented the concept of actual connections to the various computerized dating apps and sites, we no longer get to know someone before asking them out. Now, we end up with a match, with data profiles and technologically assisted links. Even more disconcerting are things like Tinder, which allow you to make snap decisions about people based on looks, interests, and other non-scientific stuff. Think speed dating without not really getting a chance to meet a person.

So when a guy headed over to the app to find someone who (a) was female, and (b) could perhaps become part of this Grand Theft Auto V heist squad, he didn’t expect to be read the riot act. But for some reason, his target – a woman by the name of Spencer – didn’t appreciate his tone, his approach, his text messages…let’s face it, she didn’t like much about him. Their exchange is a classic example of crossed wires and mixed up motives. She definitely has experience putting Tinder terrorists in their place. The question is – did she have to do it this time? Read the texts and decide for yourself.

Say Hello To Spencer


She has a lot to say for herself.


Get Ready To See An Avalanche Of Hate On The Next Few Pages