Giving someone an ultimatum very rarely works out in the favor of the person giving it. That is especially true when an ultimatum to stop playing video games is given to someone who enjoys spending their free time playing video games.

There’s always been a joke about “video game nerds” being so busy in their mother’s basement that they can’t actually get a girlfriend, but Reddit user Trainer_A is one of the lucky guys who were able to break the mold. When his girlfriend had enough of his game playing antics, she hit him with the ultimatum… “It’s either me or the game.” This is how it went down, according to him.

“So I have been seeing this girl for about a month. Totally cool down to earth, easy to talk to with a lot of shared interest, expect one. She hates how much I play Destiny even though she was fine with it at first. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted or anything but I like to play when I get home after work and when I have free time and what not.

So today I get a text from her asking what I’m doing tonight. I tell her when I get off work I’m going to play some Destiny before I have to leave for hockey. She ends up calling me gets pretty upset saying that we should spend some time together before I go to hockey and that I shouldn’t be wasting my time on a video game. I remind her that we hung out yesterday and are hanging out again tomorrow and I was looking forward to some me time. So then she drops an ultimatum on me, its either her or Destiny.

Then hangs up.

I’m a little rattled by the whole thing and don’t really know what to do tonight now. So I figured I would ask the Reddit community for some guidance. What do you guys think I should do? Iron Banner or Trials?”

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