Nobody likes being told no, but it’s a part of life that everybody has to deal with at one time or another. By adulthood, most people learn how to accept the fact that things can’t always go their way, and they master the art of taking their Ls in peace.

But apparently, that’s one life lesson this girl missed out on. So when she asked her boyfriend if he wanted to spend the evening hanging out with her, she didn’t know how to compose herself when he told her he had already made plans to spend the night playing video games with his friends.

Instead of doing the supportive girlfriend thing and telling him to have a good time with his boys, she decided to do the one thing you should never do to your significant other: She gave him an ultimatum.

Instead of getting the answer she was probably looking for, things quickly went left and she ended up having one of the most ridiculous temper tantrums ever.

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