Let’s face it – there is no show more in tune with contemporary (and in ways, past) pop culture like The Simpsons. It’s a never-ending vault of references, call backs, inside jokes, homages, and inspirations. The entire media planet is part of the animated family’s frame of reference, and even when they aren’t looking back, they’re inspiring the present. You remember that infamous South Park episode where it was pointed out – over and over again – that almost every plot from every TV show or movie could be linked back to the bane of Springfield. “Simpsons Did It” became the catchphrase of the moment, thank to Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

So here are a few examples of what they are talking about – and make sure to stay around for the end. There you will see a clever mash-up of specifics scenes from the animated comedy compared directly with the moments they were inspired by. It’s an incredible comparison, and further proof that, if the Simpsons did it, someone probably did it before them and they are just paying tribute. See for yourself.

Entering The DCU



Let’s face it – anything Marge and the gang could come up with would be better than this lackluster, underwhelming superhero/villain effort.

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