Sometimes, a meme battle breaks out and you don’t know what to do. You watch people dropping memes on a thread and you can’t keep up because they go too fast.

Sometimes, you wonder if they make them that fast or if they make them before and just have them ready. It’s a meme battle. They prepare throughout the night and into the morning hours. They find pictures of things to make their point. They have tools they use to enhance the images and put message on them.

These are serious meme brawlers and they are ready at all times. Meme brawling just might one day become an Olympic sport. They have to keep sharp. You never know when a meme battle is going to break out.

Two people walking down the street. They bump into each other. They know each other from Facebook. It’s about to go down and it’s not going to end well. That’s how serious it is.

Get one up on them for the next battle you walk into. Here are some for your collection.

A Little Eager

a little eager

Ah With The Puns

ah with the puns

And That’s How You Handle That

and that's how you handle that

Best Relationship Ever!

best relationship ever

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