They say that, as we get older, we lose are ability to imagine. Oh sure, we can visualize what would happen if we lost our job, our found the right one to love, but as for those glorious salad days when we would envision all manner of monsters, myths, and legends from deep within out brain, they appear to be long gone. They say children still possess such power. Their minds are yet to be cluttered with all that comes with growing older. Proof of this concept comes from the gallery below. It represents one man’s skill at turning his kid’s doodles into something amazing, and one look at the images verifies both his talent and his offspring’s inventiveness.

Thomas Romain is originally from France, but today he works in Toyko as an anime artist. He is responsible for some of the most compelling designs in the animated artform. But on the side, Romain does something really special. He takes the basic line drawings his kids provide and turns them into professional looking characters – and some of them are simply remarkable. It’s the perfect team effort. The wee ones come up with concepts, and Romain makes them a reality. They truly are exceptional. See for yourself.

Cloud Dwellers


Tulip Brothers


Fire Guardian


Steampunk Doctor

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