Regardless of all of the recent technology that has introduced us to a plethora of electronics and video games, there still isn’t anything quite like having friends over for an evening of board games or card games. Nothing can replace that kind of interaction with the people you love.

Monopoly was introduced to the world in 1903 (published by Parker Brothers in 1935) and is still played, and fought over, to this day. Scrabble followed right behind to test our vocabularies in 1938, Clue had us playing detective in 1950, and we started testing our smarts against each other with Trivial Pursuit in 1979. Sure, it’s a different world in 2017, but these games are still incredibly popular among others.

Poker, Rummy, Cribbage, and even Go Fish are still being dealt across the country every weekend, but there’s a more recent game we’ve seen popping up… Cards Against Humanity! Much like Apples To Apples, but a little filthier. The hilarious “fill in the blank” card game has gotten a magical makeover from fans of the Harry Potter book and movies series. Introducing: “Cards Against Muggles!”

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