The steering wheel recall affects 1.3 million vehicles in the U.S., about 62,000 in Canada, and about 14,000 in Mexico. The company is recalling most of the Ford Fusion and the Lincoln MKZ vehicles with models years from 2014 to 2018.

This recall comes months after Ford recalled 1.3 million F-150 and Super Duty pickup trucks in October after a door latch problem caused doors to fly open when the trucks made a turn. That recall cost the company more than $600 million.

If you drive a Ford Fusion with the model year 2014 to 2018, these are the versions that are affected by the current recall:

  • Fusion S
  • Fusion SE
  • Hybrid S
  • Hybrid SE
  • Hybrid Titanium
  • Energi SE
  • Energi Titanium
  • Fusion Sport
  • Fusion Platinum
  • Fusion Hybrid Platinum
  • Fusion Energi Platinum

The recall also applies to every version of the Lincoln MKZ with a model year of 2014-2018:

  • Lincoln MKZ Premiere
  • Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Premiere
  • Lincoln MKZ Black Label

The company also recalled another 6,000 Fusion and Focus models due to a risk of fire from a fracture in the clutch pressure plate:

  • Ford Focus model years 2013-16 with the Fox GTDI engine and B6 manual transmissions.
  • Ford Fusion model years 2013-15, with the Sigma GTDI engines and B6 manual transmissions.

If you drive any of these models, call your local Ford dealer immediately to get the issues addressed.

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