Phenomena happen all over the world.

Not just the kind with historical references like the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, or Easter Island; those have been debated by scholars as to how they got there and by whom for hundreds of years, but the kind that is caught on video.

The Mystery Of The 887 Monuments On Easter Island Is Still Baffling To This Day

Millions of cameras exist all over the globe in one form or another.

Some are used for security purposes, some for TV or film production, while others are just amateurs taking video of everyday events like vacations or birthdays.

Security Cameras Catch Unusual Acts Everywhere

These cameras have an intended ordinary purpose, but oftentimes, catch things that are anything but.

Take the photo of the Loch Ness monster, for instance.

This Photo Has Captivated The World Since 1933

For decades it’s been debated whether or not it’s a sea monster or some other explainable entity – maybe a shadow catching a sea serpent just right or a photo of Loch Ness that has been doctored, long before Photoshop or the Internet was invented.

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