At a professional billiards match a few years back, these two instances came to a head in a battle for supremacy.

British snooker players Judd Trump and Ronnie O’Malley were locked in competition in a semi-final match in the 2013 World Championships when Trump’s concentration was definitely challenged.

Now, if there’s a skill or sport that requires unparalleled focus it’s billiard.

An audience member let out one of the loudest farts ever heard in a public setting just as Trump was about to take a shot.

Trump broke his stance and waited for the crowd’s laughter to die down while his opponent tried to stifle a giggle. But then, just as he lined his shot up again, another outburst sent the match to halt.

This Is So Loud!

It’s hard to believe this was an accident although it sounds like whoever let it rip was about to have one…

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