Can you name a Tom Hanks movie? Chances are overwhelmingly in favor that you can. Guaranteed.

Anything. Go for it.

Sleepless In Seattle? Forest Gump? “The Tom Hanks movie with Wilson the volleyball,” but officially, it’s called Cast Away.


You may have even said Toy Story, Saving Private Ryan, or Apollo 13.

Those titles may not have even come to mind because unlike a lot of actors in Hollywood, it seems like every movie Hanks has made has been memorable.


He’s been nominated for five Academy Awards and took home two – for Philadelphia in 1993 and for his portrayal of Forest Gump in 1994.

He is the second actor in history to win an Oscar for Best Actor, the first being Spencer Tracy.


To say Hanks is one of the greatest actors in the last 35 years isn’t a stretch by any means. In fact, he’s just been voted the greatest actor in entertainment history, period.

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