It’s the new way of watching television. Fans can’t simply sit back and watch each episode and digest the narrative and entertainment value until the next installment arrives. No, thanks to the ability to binge, and the endless discussion board that comes with the global soap box (read: the Internet), audiences now must dissect each scene, chronicle each character, and, in the case of shows like Twin Peaks and Game Of Thrones, develop theories as to what is happening and what the creators are trying to tell us.

It’s A Popular TV Series


This is especially true of Ryan Murphy’s multifaceted and layered macabre homage, American Horror Story. With each new series, all set in different times, places, eras, and situations, the terror trope heavy series is said to all be interconnected. Murphy has even said as much in interviews. But what is the link and how does the story of a modern haunted house tie in with an old fashioned circus side show and a witches coven. Well, that’s been the source of speculation – until now.

And Fans Have Been Theorizing About It For Months


Apparently, a AHS fan came up with the idea that each entry – or season – in the series actually represents a different level of Hell aka Dante’s Inferno. That’s right, the ancient poem by the famed Italian author may indeed be Murphy’s inspiration. A post on Instagram got the creator’s attention, and instead of dismissing it outright, he had an “interesting” response. See for yourself:

So Is This The Way The Seasons Of American Horror Story Are Connected?


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