This is a different world. Years ago, you sent your resume to an employer and went through the interview process. Don’t get it wrong. Employers still accept resumes and still do interviews. But, it doesn’t have to happen that way all the time.

Take Pete Majarich for example, a bloke from Sydney, Australia. He touts himself as a Creative person, a Writer, a Designer, and a “Thinkerer.” You have to love the humor  in that. As far as his other claims, it appears he’s making a good point about him being creative and a designer.

He has set a goal to create a movie poster for every day of 2016. He is going through great movies in history and is putting his own creative imagination to work. What would the movie poster have looked like if Pete had been the design artist on it?

He has different ways that he attacks the idea. His creative approaches are thought provoking. Plus, he has the ability to even be humorous when the movie title might call for it.

If you were a movie producer looking for someone to design your next movie poster, you think this might be a good way to find someone? That’s how the internet works these days. You can put your talents online and let the viral energy speak for you.

Knows How To Capture The Essence Of The Movie

groundhog day

Test Caption


Evokes The Feel Of The Movie


Layers Of Artistic Ability


Touches on The Past

logans run

Has A Natural Sense

lost highway

Sometimes Very Simplistic And Effective


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