When it comes to fashion, anything goes. It’s kind of like art – it might not always make sense, but if it makes an impact (or some money), it clearly is resonating with the intended audience. That may explain away the topless bikini, the man purse, the various items made out of paper, pens, etc, and of course, something like mud jeans.

We Love Our Jeans



We Love Our Designer Jeans



Indeed, over the course of the last few decades, dungarees have gone from farm hand requirement to runway retail, with various permutations adding dollar signs to the design. Remember the early days of denim? It was all about being dark blue and fresh. Then came the acid washed look. Then the torn and tacky. Before you knew it, names were plastered across your behind. Now, it’s all about skinny legs and pants to match.

And Our Acid Washed Jeans



So leave it to Nordstrom’s to come up with a concept that even the most couture minded minion could easily reject. As mentioned before, they are known as Mud Jeans and the idea behind the look is simple. They are pants that already have dirt and other debris designed into them. Apparently, they’re supposed to make you look Earthy, or hard working, or something like that.

And Those Notorious Skinny Leg Jeans



But Fake Mud Jeans? Seriously?



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