It’s hard to believe that Elf on the Shelf is 12 years old. It did take a few years to really catch on, but once it did it basically stole Christmas from the Grinch.

For the last five or so holiday seasons, social media, YouTube, and blogs are jammed with posts about the Elf and photos of different “hiding spots” that parents think are clever.


Are some of them? Sure.

But anyone could come up with putting a Hershey’s Kiss behind the Elf to make it look like he’s poo-ing on your kitchen table.


This year there seems to be an influx of “What to do with your Elf” galleries, how-to videos, and of course, parodies.

All of these hiding spot ideas are important because as any parent of a little one will tell you, forgetting where you’ve already hid it and having your child find it in a duplicate spot can cause unwanted meltdowns and fits.


As silly, funny, risqué, and sometimes gross as the parody ideas are, they don’t enter the realm of horror (although there may be a couple parents out there that find the whole Elf on the Shelf on big nightmare).

At least, not until the Crypt Monsters got their hands on one…

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