Some consider them toys. Others call them a psychological necessity. Either way, they are the new fad gadget on the market and everyone seems to want one. From the most ADHD addled grade schooler to the CEO looking for an alternative to the standard “stress ball,” these items are flying off shelves faster than stores can keep them in stock. They’re called “fidget spinners.” What a name.

The Fidget Spinner



This Is All It Does



Now, there’s a line of reasoning which states that something which occupies the mind – and the hands, and the fingers – can help with concentration. Take away the outside interference, let the brain focus on the tasks or teachings at hand, and you have a sure fire way to learn and listen better. Perhaps. Or perhaps people just want to collect the newest and the most novel.

It’s Designed To Aid In Attention Span



Whatever the case, schools are reporting more mischief from these devices than the dreaded cellphone while business meetings are being constantly interrupted by the bang of a dropped spinner. They may be effective in helping with attention deficit disorders, but at what overall cost. Actually, there’s an answer to that question and it is contained in the video overview included here.

They Can Also Relief Stress



And Help Concentration…No, Seriously



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