The World Wide Web gives us access to just about anything and everything we could ever imagine at the click of a button or the touch of a screen. Instant access has led each and every one of us to believe that we, too, can master that daring DIY project or finesse our very own photoshoot without dropping tons of cash to an experienced professional.

Well, just as that do-it-yourself wedding dress was better left to the pro seamstress or that at-home ombre dye kit proved to be a real mess, these photo fails were no exception. In the end, a few overly ambitious parents found themselves rolling on the floor laughing after attempting to recreate some of Pinterest’s most flawless baby photo shoots – and you will too!

Before you get any crazy ideas to take your family’s photographic memories into your own hands, check out this gallery of the reality that comes from Pinterest fails!

From Cuddles To COOTIES!


Or Not…


Friendly To Frightening


Not So Comfortable Afterall


Well, It Still Looks Comfortable At Least


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