They say they never prosper. In reference to contests and the whole idea of winning and losing, that’s true. If you have to use an unfair advantage to declare victory, you’re the very opposite of a champion. But we also reference the concept of “cheating” as it applies to relationships and interpersonal connections. For the unfaithful, there might be prosperity – or at the very least, greener sensual pastures. For the victim of such infidelity, however, there’s no real triumph. Just heartbreak. And second guesses, and clues that seemed invisible before, but are now quite obvious in retrospect.

Knowing all the damage it will cause, prioritizing a need to bed hop vs. staying put and making your current situation work, the rogue will roam and the craven sluck will cuckold. In the gallery included here, you will see 13 examples of people playing fast and loose with the feelings of others, all in an attempt to get busy and knock boots with someone new. Their attempts may be clumsy, and in most of the cases, a lack of technological grace may be to blame, but in the end, they got caught sneaking Sally through the alley, and that’s enough to warrant a big fat romantic goose eggs. Enjoy.

Not The Video Game Console!


It’s All About Context

At least someone’s getting a good grade.

Who Knew They Were So Talented?

Love this song’s sentiment.

Again, Know What You Are Talking About

Awkward is an understatement.

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