It seems like this summer, every time we turn around there’s another natural disaster making headlines. There’s been a crazy amount of wildfires in California, Hurricane Harvey brought an unprecedented amount of rain and flooding to Texas (particularly the Houston area), Hurricane Irma destroyed part of the Caribbean before making her way to the United States to flood southern Florida and knock out power across the state, and now Hurricane Maria is currently putting a hurting on Puerto Rico.

While the media has a way of making it look like half of America is in a constant battle with the other half of the country, but the truth is, that simply isn’t the case. During these trying times it always feels like people come together for the greater good of humanity. It just stinks we only acknowledge it when tragedy strikes.

While everyday citizens are helping their neighbors clean up after the storms, quite a few celebrities are stepping up as well. Houston Texans Linebacker J.J. Watt raised a massive amount of cash for Houston along with other comedians, actors, musicians and athletes, and now Eminem has joined forces with StockX to help raise cash for hurricane victims across the country.

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