Spaceheads, science freaks, and tech enthusiasts rejoiced on Tuesday, Feb. 6th when Elon Musk successfully launched SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy from Cape Canaveral, FL into space.

It was one small step for privatized space travel and one giant leap for geekdom-kind.

The fact the launch was successful is amazing by itself, but there are even more incredible factors to the launch.

One of which is that the Falcon Heavy’s two side boosters were reusable and landed perfectly on its twin pads, eight minutes after liftoff.

All of that is obviously fantastic if you’re really into science, but Musk upped the cool ante and added a few more gems to his ground-breaking SpaceX program.

Like, dressing up a mannequin in SpaceX’s latest spacesuit and strapping him into a red Tesla Roadster.

I mean, come on – does it get any more bada$$ than that?!

The answer is “Oh yeah.”

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