There are plenty of weekend-long festivals around the world that cater to the hip, young crowd of today, and it’s hard to name the best one because the answer will be subjective to your tastes and interests, so we won’t try. What we will say is that for the last 31 years, South By Southwest has been the perfect blend of music, media, and tech. Since 1987, the festival has grown to epic proportions and now is considered a major player in bringing innovative artists and science together.

That said, the science guy at the moment – and probably for years to come – is Elon Musk. Musk is the 46-year-old founder of Tesla and SpaceX and is now worth close to $21 billion. The complete opposite of the stereotype of really rich dudes, Musk really cares about not only planet Earth but the creatures living on it.

He’s made remarkable strides in space, too. Last month, SpaceX’s famed Falcon Heavy reusable rocket launched a red Tesla Roadster into outer space, equipped with a mannequin dressed in high-tech astronaut garb named “Starman” and David Bowie’s Space Oddity blaring from the Roadster’s sound system. The ultimate destination? Mars.

Musk isn’t just a rich wacko with his head in the clouds (or above them, we could say), he followed up the Falcon Heavy launch by sending Falcon 9 (the Heavy’s predecessor) into orbit with satellites that could transmit the Internet back to Earth. The goal is that every person on the planet, no matter where they live or their current Internet status, can get affordable service.

Over the weekend, Musk had a sit-down at SXSW and he made a huge announcement regarding space travel to Mars.

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