He already rules the wrestling ring. With maybe a single exception, he is the most known and successful graduate of the WWE school of athletic entertainment ever. He also rules the box office. No other actor has his reputation both at home and abroad. In fact, Hollywood has taken to calling him the “franchise saver” since he’s brought life back to The Fast and the Furious, G.I Joe, the whole Journey to the Center of the... film series, among others.

He’s A Sports Icon



But there is more to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson than opening weekend records and die hard drive, and with the recent events in Washington playing out across all media platforms, it makes sense that some ambitions he stated a few months back are returning to roost. The superstar has suggested that he might be up for another run – and this one isn’t in preparation for another Royal Rumble.

And An International Box Office Superstar



No, in this case, Johnson is seriously considering a bid for the White House. That’s right, we could actually have a Commander in Chief who earned his stripes in the squared circle, not the pathways of politics. While it would have seemed far fetched a few years ago, with a failed businessman turned reality TV personality in the Oval Office…well…

But Will He Be The Leader Of The Free World?



He Actually Discussed This Last Year – Continue On To See Him Speaking To ABC News