Fake IDs are nothing new. Underage drinkers and would-be club-goers have been using them for decades. No, it doesn’t make using one right; in fact, the people trying to pull off using one know they are in the wrong. It’s a natural reaction to get nervous and jittery when you’re trying to pull one over on someone, which is usually a sign that someone isn’t on the up and up.

To be fair, some fakers aren’t even trying to drink, some teens are just trying to get into an over-18 club. It still doesn’t make it right because lying is lying, but you can sympathize just a little with a 17-year-old high school senior who is trying to hang out with their 18-year-old friends. Or, in the case of The Breakfast Club‘s Brian Johnson (played by Anthony Michael Hall) you just really want to vote.

In some instances, there have been cases of people using a fake ID that actually belong to a bartender or bouncer. This happened to Kleo McHugh, a 22-year-old student at the University of Alabama who is originally from New York. She was tending bar one night and a group of girls walked in. Kleo immediately thought they looked young and carded them. One girl handed her a driver’s license that actually belonged to one of Kleo’s friends. She laughed and told the girl “Nope,” but it got better. The next girl handed Kleo her lost ID.

No fake ID is more famous than the one used in the 2007 hit Superbad. Not only is the scene so famous that people don’t even refer to the actor by his real name Christopher Mintz-Plasse, they forget that the character’s name wasn’t McLovin, it was Fogell.

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