We are a self-obsessed society. We can blame social media, or the Internet, but when it comes right down to it, the ability to chronicle our every step via a cellphone or smart device is the main reason so much of the world is me, me, ME! This is best illustrated by the selfie. In the past, people posed for pictures to commemorate certain times and events. Now, we use any occasion – a meal, a movie, a moment during the commute – to fire up the old camera.

People Do Stupid Stuff For Selfies



There are even times when such a self-indulgent expression should be avoided, but we tend to ignore common sense and go with the technological flow. In those cases, the rest of the connected community online let us see how silly (or shocking) we are via sharing. So naturally, someone looking for a little attention will snap away, hoping their latest image inspires likes, or re-tweets, or whatever.

Stupid, Stupid Stuff



Take the man in the photo below. He was in the Amazon, a magical place that is also overrun with lots of potential dangers. Deciding that he needed to commemorate the experience with one of the most insane acts possible, he jumped into the river and grabbed his cellphone. He wanted to take a selfie – sure – but what he really wanted do was show everyone what was in the background.

They Can Even Die In The Process



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