It’s one of those daytime talk show questions that usually leads to a surprise makeover or a visit from a famous stylist or fashion plate. It often represents a kind of Catch-22 for the folks answering it, since they are admitting to the flaws they find in themselves while pointing them out to a world that might not have noticed them before. Still, in order to grab those all important ratings, the query remains – “If you could, what part of your body would you change…and why?”

Luis Started Off Life Like This



For Luis Padron from Argentina, the answer is simple – EVERYTHING. That’s right, the 25 year old is unhappy that he was born human, and is now on a quest to become an elf. No, not in his imagination or through complex make-up and costuming techniques. He wants to become a full fledged fantasy character, physically changing himself via expense treatments and medical procedures.

He Wants To End Up Looking Like This



It all started as a result of being bullied. Padron was teased as a child, and when it got to be too much, he would escape into the world of films like Labyrinth and The Never Ending Story. Thus began his fascination with the fictional, and now he is taking it to a whole other level. In fact, he’s spent over $30K on procedures, and has a $4K a month bill for other, ongoing changes.

And He’s Willing To Do Anything To Achieve His Goal



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