For years, the average Joe and Jill have been attracted to celebrities. For the ladies, musicians seem to be a favorite while the guys lean more toward supermodels. Of course, we’re generalizing here. Not all women are into rock stars just like not all dudes wish they could be with a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Although, there are plenty of guys that wouldn’t turn one down if she were interested.

Coincidentally, supermodels and rock stars have been hooking up for years, so even they prove the theory has some truth to it. And some of them, like the other a lot.

Look, it makes sense. The point of a model is to sell items mainly by using their looks, so it goes without saying that models are going to be hot. There are some that seem to be more popular than others for one reason or another and people from all backgrounds seem to gravitate to. Like a “universal hot girl,” if you will.

Take Emily Ratajowski, for example. She’s been ranked several times by men’s magazines as one of the best looking women in the world. She landed on Maxim‘s Hot 100 list in both 2014 (No. 62) and 2015 (No. 2), she came in at No. 3 on AskMen’s most desirable women of 2014  and 14th in 2016, and FHM ranked her among the sexiest in 2014 (No. 4) and 2015 (No. 18).

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