It sounds like the plot of a bad comedy. Heck, Family Guy even featured an episode where Brian the Dog and Stewie the Baby ended up experiencing the same silly fate. Sure, liquor can cloud one’s judgment. No one has ever made a smart decision while drunk. But in the case of two Irish tourists in the Middle East, a night with the bottle (or two…or three) lead to an experience they won’t soon forget.

William Meara and Craig Reynolds Have Been All Over The Middle East



And Liquor Results In Some Unique Relationships



William Meara, 26, and Craig Reynolds, 24 had spent the last couple of month traveling around the war torn area, taking in the sights and mingling with the locals. One night, they came across a Canadian Freedom fighter who was helping the locals battle ISIS. After lifting a few with the man, the duo soon found themselves in the back of truck. With Kurdish uniforms in hand, they soon found themselves facing the war head on.

Their Newfound Friends Agreed To Show Them Around



On the way, the pair encountered many refugee camps. They also were brought to the headquarters of the fighters and introduced to many high ranking officials. They called the Kurdish people some of the nicest they’d ever met, but there was one thing constantly hanging over the guys’ heads. As one put it:

“It was absolutely terrifying to be honest. It was probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.”

Before They Knew It, They Were In The War Zone



And They Got To See What’s Really Happening



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