Yes, car-shame. The act of shaming someone or stereotyping them based on the type of car they drive.

OnePoll, a market research firm, recently released the results of one of their surveys, asking Brits who they thought the rudest drivers on the road were based on the car manufacturer.

Third Place


The Audi TT was voted as having the third-worst drivers with 43-percent of the vote. The coupe comes in at a starting price of $44,000 while the convertible is priced at $48,000. The car seats 2-4 people according to the specs, but one look at the interior and it’s pretty clear only two can comfortably fit. Maybe drivers are so bad because they’re constantly being kicked by the person in the backseat?

Second Place

48-percent of those polled feel that people who drive Range Rovers are bad people, but that isn’t the highest percentage, so Range drivers end up in second place. The luxury SUV to drive in the 90’s starts at a whopping $87,000 20 years later but is still considered to be one of the safer vehicles on the road – which may be why their drivers act like they really DGAF.

First Place

The most hated drivers on the road? The ones that drive BMW M3’s. Listen, this is a rich, gorgeous car likely driven by rich, gorgeous people, so getting 56-percent of the vote isn’t too hard if you’re an M3. It starts at $66,000 which isn’t a drop in the hat but considering a Tesla S is around the same price and gets 85 more miles to the gallon, M3 drivers are obviously super salty.

There you have it. The three worst drivers by car make according to a poll.

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