We’ve all heard the warning. It’s too bad more of us don’t heed it. But especially in light of today’s focus on news via social media, it’s more true than ever. Don’t believe what you read – and thanks to our new focus on the visual (and the way it can be manipulated digitally), don’t believe what you see. It’s a plague across all platforms. Thanks to a little tweaking via Photoshop and clever make-up designs, people can make themselves look like anything. Even worse, the wealth on information of the web allows anyone to fake their ID. It’s the reason for shows like Catfish.

This is just part of the message Body Positive Blogger Sara Puhto wants to share with the world. The 20-year-old uses the Internet to teach others to appreciate what they have. She also tries to teach her followers that all beauty begins with self-love. One of the main ways she illustrates her points is by using before and after pics that prove that anyone can alter their appearance by doing such simple things as changing the camera angle or sucking in their stomach. It’s why she warns everyone about falling in love with someone’s Instagram image. After all, as she shows, a flat butt can becoming a poppin’ booty with a mere twist of the waste. Check it out.

Meet Sara Puhto

She wants to teach you something about yourself.

She’s A Devoted Vegan

And loves to show off her body, no matter what it looks like.

She’s Warning The Web About Instagram Images

Not everything is what it seems.

Different Techniques Can Be Used To Trick The Eye

Stomachs can be sucked in, body angles changed.

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